Resources Starter Pack – 1 Accident, 1 Attendance , Child’s Records , 1 Medicine , Induction Checklist, A3 and A4 Journal


Resources Starter Pack for childcare providers: 1 Accident Book, 1 Attendance Record , Child’s Records (Pack 11), 1 Administration of Medication Record Book , 1 Staff Induction Checklist, 1 A3 Learning Journal and My Early Learning Journey (A4).

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Resources  Starter pack –  This starter pack is essential for all Childcare Providers, whether its a new Childcare service or an existing one this pack is for you. The pack contains (1) Accident / Incident book – This book is designed to support management and staff in the implementation of good practice in childcare services. It is advisable to record all accidents / incidents, no matter how trivial they may appear at the time. (2) Attendance Record – Records the attendance of children in the service and attendance and meal breaks of staff. (3) Child’s Record  ( Pack of 11 ) – records all details of the child attending the service, including personal details, medical details and specific requirements. (4) Administration of Medicine book– Records  administration of medicine to children in the service. (5) Our Learning Journal – A hardback A3 Journal designed to assist you in documenting children’s learning and collecting evidence of your curriculum in action. (6) My Early Learning Journey – When these ‘Early Learning Journey Books’ are filled with children’s words, stories, conversations along with their artistic creations, wonderings and play, there is an opportunity for educators and families to take a glimpse into each child’s journey through childhood. (7) Staff Induction Checklist – The Staff Induction Checklist contains 10 checklist pages that can be used to record the tasks that are completed for a new staff member’s induction.

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