Partnership with Families Innovation Award sponsored by Child Paths 2021 2021 2021

Partnership with Families Innovation Award 2021

Shortlisted Entries - Early Childhood Ireland Partnership with Families Innovation Award

The shortlisted entries for the Early Childhood Ireland Partnership with Families Innovation Award are:

The Giant Marble Run
Little Gumboots Preschool, Sunshine House, Church Street, Balbriggan, Co Dublin.

The value of our floor book
Creative Days Preschool, Baskin Lane, Kinsealy, Co Dublin.

Partnership with Families
Manor Kilbride Montessori School, Lisheen Road, Brittas, Co Dublin.

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Early Childhood Ireland

National Annual Awards

Partnership with Families Innovation Award

What comes first – relationship or partnership? Can you have one without the other in Early Learning and Care settings? Our vision for this award is to illustrate the realities of partnership with families amongst the settings that excel in this rewarding yet often challenging world of partnership. True vision comes when challenges need to be overcome.

The prerequisite for quality partnership with families is a confident, knowledgeable, understanding pedagogue who offers meaningful partnership opportunities and enjoys sharing children’s experiences and learning with their families. Working with reciprocal families can feed and fulfil you professionally. The stresses and realities of everyday life can make partnership challenging at times. Wonderful anecdotes of practice that support all types of families throughout the good and bad times abound within the sector. Early Childhood Ireland aims to make that more visible. In the spirit of the award, a statement of support from a parent (s), or other family members that are important to the child’s learning and development and that engage with the child’s learning in the service, is required to apply for this award.
Every application will be judged using the criteria established for that award.

Criteria for Short-listing and Judging – Partnership with Families Innovation Award

Please use the awards application form to demonstrate how the setting has introduced a practice or process to:



  • Support all families to feel welcomed, valued and respected in the service, in all their diversity.
  • Share information about the setting and the curriculum with parents.


  • Share information about their child’s learning and development with parents.
  • Help parents to support the child’s learning and development at home.
  • The family should be fully involved in education and care for their child. Services should be designed in partnership with families and be based on trust and mutual respect. Parents and the setting should have common goals and clear two-way communication processes


  • Consult with parents on their views and ideas, and act on them.
  • Involve parents and support them to contribute to the setting to enrich children’s learning experiences.
  • Ensures that from the start, children are asked for their views demonstrating a dialogue between children and adults based on reciprocal respect.
  • Demonstrate that children’s views were listened to, considered, given due weight and given feedback on what happened to their views.


  • The story should provide strong evidence that the innovation has enriched children’s learning experience.
  • The themes from the Aistear Framework should underpin your story. However, it is not necessary to make direct links to the learning goals and aims




Application form

Documentation and Supporting Evidence requirements

Resources to support you in applying for this award. 

 Key dates for your diary

Opening date

19 April 2021

Closing date

31 May 2021

Award Winners announced

8 October 2021

Please email if you have any questions.