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Help us ensure that every child in Ireland is thriving and learning.

Early Childhood Ireland is the leading national children’s advocacy and membership organisation. We work in partnership with Early Years, School Age Care and Childminding settings to ensure that every child is thriving and learning. We advocate for an effective and inclusive system which values, supports and invests in childhood, children and services.

Over the last five decades, Early Childhood Ireland has been delivering national programmes that champion quality for children, children’s wellbeing, and children’s rights in the Early Years sector in Ireland. Our programmes are aligned with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the United Nations Sustainable Developmental Goals, namely Goals 4 (Quality Education), 3 (Good Health and Wellbeing), 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), and 15 (Life on Land).

Through Early Childhood Ireland’s national programmes, we support over 150,000 children across the country. We also support 24,000 educators, 98% of whom are women working in the Early Years and School Age Care sector in Ireland.

Early Childhood Ireland believes that childhood is a critical period for the nurturing of each individual child’s curiosity, resilience, creativity, confidence and potential. When children’s wellbeing is prioritised, they thrive. Children need to feel cared for, included, empowered, valued and respected.

To further our mission of advocating for quality early childhood education for all young children in Ireland, Early Childhood Ireland invites corporate organisations to partner with us.

By aligning with companies which share our commitment, we can collectively ensure that every child thrives and learns in their crèche, preschool, School Age Care or Childminding environment.

Together, we can make a lasting impact on children’s lives, both now and into the future.

Contact our Funding & Partnerships Specialist Fernanda at

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Benefits of a corporate partnership with Early Childhood Ireland

Trusted leader in early childhood education and care

A partnership with Early Childhood Ireland means that you will be associated with a trusted leader in early childhood education and care. It will demonstrate our shared commitment to children’s rights and quality experiences for every child in Early Years, School Age Care and Childminding settings.

We believe successful partnerships are founded on shared purpose and trust. We conduct an ethical check on all corporate partners and encourage you to do the same with your charitable partners.

Learn more about our Governance and Funding here.

Learning and co-creation

Early Childhood Ireland is delighted to co-create joint research, campaigns and projects in line with our mission, vision, and Theory of Change, all of which enable us to deliver a real, lasting impact for children in Early Years, School Age Care and Childminding settings in Ireland.

Interested in discovering how your business can co-create research, campaigns and projects with Early Childhood Ireland?

Contact our Funding and Partnerships Specialist Fernanda at

Lunch and Learn sessions and guest speaker events

Is your company looking to support working parents? Are you interested in learning more about supporting children to thrive and learn? Are you interested in our work aimed at achieving universal access to and consistently high-quality experiences for every child in crèches and preschools in Ireland?

We are happy to arrange a call to discuss your needs and develop a session which is specifically tailored to your company’s employees. Contact Fernanda at

How corporate partners can support Early Childhood Ireland

Join us in our signature event, National Pyjama Day!

Early Childhood Ireland’s National Pyjama Day is the largest one-day fundraising event organised by the Early Years, School Age Care and Childminding sector in Ireland. We are proud to have raised over €4 million so far for projects and charities that support babies and children.

This year, we’re inviting corporate organisations to be part of this fun and impactful event. Your organisation can support National Pyjama Day 2024 through sponsorship or by encouraging your employees to register for our event and to fundraise for us on the day.

National Pyjama Day will be held on Friday, 22 November 2024. As the cold and dark days approach, National Pyjama Day offers a vibrant, enjoyable, and cosy way to engage your employees while fundraising for a babies and children. We would absolutely love for you to show up to work in your comfy pyjamas for the day too!

Sponsor our programmes – Our programmes have a national reach and align with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Specifically, they align with Goals 4 (Quality Education), 3 (Good Health and Wellbeing), 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), and 15 (Life on Land).

Charity of the Year – By choosing Early Childhood Ireland as your Charity of the Year, we will work together to not only achieve your CSR & ESG goals, but also to deliver substantial and sustained impact. We believe that long-term collaboration allows both parties to learn and evolve together, fostering a relationship that is built on shared values and goals. A long-term partnership with your organisation will support our vision to ensure that every young child is thriving and learning in quality Early Years, School Age Care and Childminding settings in Ireland.

Employee giving – Your employees can support Early Childhood Ireland through a payroll giving programme and a matching gift scheme. If your staff are interested in fundraising for us, we partner with digital fundraising platforms to make the process easier.

Skills-based volunteering – We have several projects that could benefit from the expertise of your highly skilled team.

In-kind and pro-bono support – Early Childhood Ireland and our members would greatly benefit from in-kind donations, such as electronic devices, printing services and product discounts. Additionally, pro-bono services in accounting, law and public relations would also be beneficial.

By partnering with us, you will contribute to ensuring that every child in Ireland receives high-quality early childhood education and care. Your support will enable us to continue our evidence-based research, provide necessary training and resources to our 4,000 members and their staff, and advocate for the rights of children.

Together, we can work towards creating relevant policies and initiatives that improve outcomes for children and break inter-generational cycles of disadvantage. Transformative change starts in childhood!

Interested in finding out more about how your organisation support Early Childhood Ireland? Please contact Fernanda, Funding & Partnerships Specialist today at




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View Annual Report 2022
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