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Through the Eyes of Us by Jon Roberts   More info below:

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Through the Eyes of Us is a beautiful picture book giving an insight into the world of children with autism.

In this second book of the series, Kya is now going to school and has a best friend, Martha, who is also on the autistic spectrum but expresses herself very differently. Whilst Kya is quiet in the class, Martha is talkative and asks lots of questions. Both enjoy the sensation of eating, but Martha doesn’t understand that she can eat too much. Both like a bedtime routine, but whilst Kya can keep going until late at night, Martha knows when she is tired and takes herself to bed.

‘This book is a joy to read, brimming with fun throughout. It gently explains the world of two girls with autism, their similarities and particular differences. The illustrations spill out brightly onto the pages, showing the busy, hilly sensory world of someone with autism. The simplicity of delivery means that children reading this can learn about autism while also having fun with the story.’ Children’s Books Ireland Recommended Reads 2019-20

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