Service Provider Membership – Terms and Conditions

Service Provider Membership – Terms and Conditions

Membership Terms and Conditions

Service Provider
This membership category is suitable for all service providers. By becoming a member of Early Childhood Ireland, you agree to uphold the vision and mission of the organisation and to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions:

Membership Term

The membership term is 12 months and runs from October 1 – September 30. Membership may be renewed on payment of the prevailing fee and in accordance with the terms and conditions then in force. Early Childhood Ireland reserves the right to change the membership term with advance notice to our members of these changes.

Lapsed Membership
Access to benefits and services will cease for memberships which are not renewed by October 31. Renewal after this period will incur an administration fee of €40.

Rules of Use
An Early Childhood Ireland membership number is a unique identification number and is for the use of the setting to which it is issued only and is not transferrable. It is a condition of membership that members do not forward membership material to non-members or share a membership number across more than one setting, or with non-members. Failure to honour this condition will be grounds for termination of membership. To protect security for members and the organisation, a designated member website username and password cannot be shared with or used by any other individual. 

Multi-Setting Services
It is a condition of membership of Early Childhood Ireland that all members operating more than one setting must have a membership for each setting, to avail of member benefits and services. Members can avail of a 25% discount for second and subsequent settings. Lack of transparency or failure to have membership for each and every setting will be grounds for termination of membership. Members who do not fulfil this requirement will be contacted and reminded to join additional settings as members. Failure to do this in an agreed timescale will be grounds for termination of membership by Early Childhood Ireland. Access to member benefits and services will be withdrawn without further notice.

Primary Contact
Upon registration or renewal, a designated primary contact is created. The designated primary contact is responsible for the compliance with and accountability for the terms and conditions. Members must provide their membership number when calling or emailing to access member only benefits and services such as Garda Vetting or EYES. Contacts calling or emailing us from a member service who are not listed as an authorised contact must request the primary contact to add them as an authorised contact to the membership before we can speak to them. Authorisation to add a contact to a membership can be emailed to It should be noted that it is the responsibility of the designated primary contact to ensure the information held on our database is up to date.

Early Years Employer Service
Early Childhood Ireland’s Early Years Employer Service is an information service only. Information provided is not legal advice and should not be considered to be such or relied or acted upon in that regard. If you need legal advice, you should consult a suitably qualified person.

Learning Hub
Early Childhood Ireland’s Learning Hub is a benefit of your membership. You will automatically be added to this database of administrators so that you can avail of this service. You can amend your preference to change this by calling 01 4057103 or emailing

Download Library
Documents downloaded from the download library are for member use only. It is a condition of membership that members do not forward/share

membership material to non-members.

Access to Jobs Board
Service Provider members can post unlimited adverts on our Jobs Board for free.

Garda Vetting
Unlimited Garda Vetting

All Early Childhood Ireland Members who apply for Garda vetting, must have a GNVB Affiliate Registration Number issued by the GNVB (Garda National Vetting Bureau). As part of our ongoing Garda Vetting internal control and governance functions, you may be contacted by our Garda Vetting team for auditing purposes. We carry out this process to ensure compliance with the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012 to 2016. Failure to engage in the audit process could result in your access to Early Childhood Ireland’s vetting service being removed.

Turnaround Times
We endeavour to respond to all member queries within 24 hours or by the next business day. If your query is urgent, please contact us directly on 01-4057100.

Registration with Tusla
All settings which are legally required to register under the relevant Childcare regulations in place, must be registered with Tusla and must be approved to open by Tusla. Early Childhood Ireland reserves the right to request proof of registration and to refuse membership at our sole discretion where such evidence is not produced in a reasonable timeframe. 

Department of Education School Roll number
Where a setting is required to register with the Department of Education, Early Childhood Ireland reserves the right to request proof of a Department of Education School Roll number and to refuse membership at our sole discretion where such evidence is not produced in a reasonable timeframe.

We reserve the right to terminate membership if settings which are required to be registered with Tusla are removed from that register on foot of regulatory enforcement action. Membership will also terminate by agreement in circumstances where the setting ceases to operate

The Board of Early Childhood Ireland may move to invoke Article 15.7 of the Constitution, which allows for expulsion of a member where continued membership would be injurious to and not in the best interests of the organisation.

Early Childhood Ireland respects your privacy and your rights to control your personal data. We inform you about what data we collect from you and why we collect it. The Early Childhood Ireland Privacy Statement explains the personal information that we collect from you, how we will use it and how we protect it. Full details are on our Data Protection Policy and Privacy Statement.

Call Recording
Early Childhood Ireland is committed to providing quality customer service. To enable us to serve you better calls maybe recorded for training and quality purposes. Full details are on our Data Protection Policy and Privacy Statement.

Refund of a membership fee is solely at the discretion of Early Childhood Ireland.

Keeping you Informed
Early Childhood Ireland’s communication with our members is one of our most important roles as a membership organisation. We are focused on building strong relationships with our members and plan our communications to ensure that you receive relevant information, updates and advice in a coordinated way at a time that suits you. We strongly believe in open, two-way communication and use the following direct channels to regularly communicate: email, phone, post and sms text message. You will automatically be opted in to receive these communications unless you advise us otherwise.

You can amend your marketing communication preferences at any time by calling 01-405 7100 or email us at

Mutual Dignity and Respect
Early Childhood Ireland is committed to providing a high-quality service with mutual respect, collaboration, openness, safety and equality, and to promoting an environment that is free from discrimination. Bullying and harassment of any kind by any person towards another will not be tolerated. Full details on of our Code of Conduct.

Use of the Early Childhood Ireland Logo
All Members must agree to follow these guidelines in order to be given full permission to use the logo.

– Use on all your promotional material.
– Link the Early Childhood Ireland membership logo to our website.
– Keep the surrounding area clear of any text, lines or edges of pages, in order to maximise impact.
– Portray Early Childhood Ireland in a positive light.
– Only use the high-resolution file which you downloaded.
– If at any stage Early Childhood Ireland requests that you remove our logo or change the format, then please do so promptly.

Do not:
– Change the logo in any way.
– Use our logo in a way that implies a partnership, support or endorsement of a company or product unless prior written approval has been given.
– Use our logo in connection with any cause other than to portray membership.
– Compromise the integrity of our logo in any way.

Changes to Terms and Conditions
Early Childhood Ireland may make reasonable changes to these terms and conditions, from time to time, with advance notice to our members of these changes.


Membership is subject to the clauses outlined in the constitution of Early Childhood Ireland.