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Member Queries (March 2015)

March 23, 2015

Below we have listed the top 3 issues about which we have been receiving queries from members over the last month.  We hope that this information is useful to you and if you have any other questions or need further information, don’t forget that an Early Childhood Specialist is available to support you and offer advice on our dedicated phone line (01 4040618), every week day from 9am to 5pm.


  1. Grandfathering Exemption

    With the September 2015 qualification requirements fast approaching, all staff must have a minimum level 5 qualification in order to be compliant with the Child Care (Pre-School Services) Regulations 2006.

    There may be staff members who are not in a position to begin or complete their qualification and the Department of Children Youth Affairs have allowed for this with some conditions.

    The Grandfathering exemption will only apply to staff who need to attain a level 5. The exemption does NOT include those who need a level 6.

    The staff member should understand that by signing the grandfathering declaration they must retire from the sector by September 2021.

    If staff are interested in signing up for the exemption to the level 5 qualification they must:

    •    Go to their local county childcare committee with their PPSN, complete the grandfathering declaration while signing it in front of witness who will be a staff member of the county childcare committee

    •    The county childcare committee will photocopy the signed declaration and keep it on file

    •    The staff member is responsible for the original copy and should bring a copy of the declaration to their employer

    •    The employer should keep a copy the declaration in the employees file which can then by shown on inspection


  2. First Aid

    We have recently received a number of staffing queries in relation to first aid.  According to the Childcare (Pre-services services) Regulations 2006 booklet pg. 40:

    “A person trained in first aid for children should be on the premises at all times. Additional trained persons will be required, depending on the extent of the services.”

    Therefore every setting should have at least two staff members trained in order to cover if the trained staff member is on holidays, sick leave or is out on an outing with one group of children.


  3. Managing infectious diseases in your setting

    At this time of year there seems to be a never ending series of bugs and illnesses sweeping through early childhood settings.  If you have any questions about an infectious disease in your setting and how to prevent the spread there is a Management of Infectious Disease in Childcare Facilities and Other Childcare Settings handbook, which was developed with the HSE freely available to you.

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