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Garda Vetting Update 08 June 2020

Garda Vetting Update

June 9, 2020

We would like to remind members that Garda vetting applications and re-vetting applications are being processed by post and email if you need any new staff members vetted or existing staff re-vetted before re-opening. The re-vetting process is the same as the Garda vetting process and it is recommended that you have your employees re-vetted every three years. 

To apply for garda vetting and re-vetting for an employee please follow the steps below:


Step 1: The owner/manager asks the employee to fill out the Vetting Invitation form.
This can be filled out online in pdf form or the employee can fill it out in pen and take a photo of it.


Step 2: Once the form is completed and saved by the applicant, they then email it to the manager of the early childhood setting, along with a photo of their photo identification and a photo of proof of address. A list of acceptable identification is listed on the back of the form.


Step 3: The owner manager then fills out the Identification Verification form once they have verified the identification that was sent from the applicant.


Step 4:  The owner/ manager emails us the vetting invitation and the Identification form (not the ID itself unless it is for the owner themselves) for the Garda vetting applicant to:  [email protected].


Step 5: The Garda vetting applicant will then receive a link via email from the National Vetting Bureau to complete their application online.The owner/manager of the early years setting will also receive a notification from Early Childhood Ireland that says the applicant has been emailed a link from the National Vetting Bureau. The manager should check that the applicant has received the link and submitted their information to the NVB.


6. Once working conditions are back to normal, we would ask that the forms be posted to us in the office as we need the original signatures of the applicant on the Vetting Invitation, and the owner/manager’s signature on the Identification Verification form.


Please post the forms to : Early Childhood Ireland, Hainault House, Belgard Square South, Tallaght, Dublin, D24 RFV0


If you have any queries regarding this please see here for further information: 

Or phone the Garda Vetting team on 01 405 7102.

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