Ideas for Outdoor Play

Examples of diffferent types of outdoor play


Encouraging artistic activities in the outdoors will help encourage children to create a bond with nature. (Froebel 1887) identifies that as the spirit of the artist is in the things the artist makes… the spirit of the child is in the things the child makes.

Fairy House

Louv (2005) believes that passion comes from children’s connection with the muddy earth. Making fairy houses with children is one of the many valuable ways of strengthening the connection between children and nature.

Construction Play

Aistear (2009) highlights that using different materials to build different structures is what is entailed in constructive play. This play may get more complex as the children get older. Children have an inquisitive nature and love to discover things for themselves.

Tyre Play

Tyres are such a great resource for play in early childhood and they are also very inexpensive for the provider. It takes over 400 years for tyres to break down in a landfill so farmers, mechanics, tyre centres and hauliers are some of many who may be happy to give them away.


It is a common occurrence that a simple melody can transform us from feeling down and sad to happy and cheerful. Music is powerful and should be shared with the children in our care to the best of our abilities.
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