Outdoor Play

The outdoors is one of the best learning environments for young children, providing an opportunity to explore, experience and make meaning of the natural world.

Children learn through play, movement, communication, and sensory experience which the outdoors provides for on a much greater scale than indoors. A recent survey by Early Childhood Ireland and the Institute of Technology, Sligo has also shown that Irish parents value play but that 88% of children play outside less in winter and 74% of children don’t get to play outside when it is raining. In contrast our Scandinavian neighbours dress for the weather, get out more and have lower levels of obesity. Children who play outside are also less likely to get sick, to be stressed or become aggressive, and are more adaptable to life’s unpredictable turns (Louv, 2005) We have some ideas to encourage outdoor play below, from creating an inviting environment, to having suitable resources on hand to play with, whatever the weather!

Outdoor Play


Encouraging Outdoor Experiences

Outdoor Play Policy

Risk Assessment

Outdoor Environment

Ideas for Outdoor Play

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