Children’s Book Club

Welcome to our Children’s Book Club – Stories written for children, by children.

Children’s Book Club

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Welcome to our new Children’s Book Club. 
The aim of the book club is to allow children share their stories with other children. The way it works is that a group of children create a story – a story from their play or a story they enact, draw or compose themselves. You send their story to us (with permission) and we store them in our online Children’s Library for you to access and read with the children. You could even send the story home so that children can read it with their parents. Like every book club we will select one book per month to share with all our Early Childhood Ireland members and we will generate conversation about the book. 


Stories for Children by Children
Many early childhood educators regularly create stories with children (see below for examples). They are interested in supporting children as authors and illustrators. They want to create opportunities and draw out children’s innate abilities and skills. Most importantly, they spend time talking and listening to the children. They invite them to draw or enact their stories so that they can listen carefully to their thinking and document it. They are clear that these are the children’s stories – a way of sharing their ideas and developing their creativity. They are not about the end product but they are about helping us all to see the beauty in what children say and think and create.

Their stories don’t have to have a plan or logical sequence because children are so open to surprises. They have a remarkable ability to take their adventures to unpredictable and exciting places. Children get each other’s stories. We know that nothing is as attractive to children as what other children do, say and think.


Create stories with children
We invite you to create a group story with the children in your setting – a short, simple story with drawings or images from the children. They can be stories about people, plants, animals, aliens or themselves. The children can tell and draw the stories or play them themselves or with small world characters. Remember these stories are all about creativity.

Here are three examples:
Story One is called ‘Toby Bears Camping Trip’. This story begins with children wondering about animals that hibernate. As the children develop a hibernation plan for Toby, the resident teddy bear, he goes hiding and the children go on a bear hunt to find him. The story draws on Oxenbury and Rosen’s book ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ to describe their adventure. This is a story from children’s play – with their words and photographs.

Story two is called ‘Our Little Seed’. This is a simple story developed by a group of children. The children have been planting and the Educator leaves a seed on the table at small group time as a provocation for a story. She writes down their ideas and the children make drawings to go with it. It begins when someone finds a little seed and then the story moves in two different directions – as different children contribute ideas.

Story three is called ‘The Jelly King’. This is a story that children will love, with its references to belly’s and poos and jelly shoes. No adult could write this story – because it takes the magical imaginations of children with their amazing sense of humour and freedom that takes their thinking so far outside the box.


Remember these stories will be shared via our website so you need to ensure that you have the permission from children and families for sharing.


Submitting stories
Send us a story from your group of children and we will include it in our Children’s Library so that they and others can see and read it. You can send them by email to

The children will be delighted to see the stories and will feel like real authors and illustrators and again they’ll want to share their success with their families. The story circle grows and grows.


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