Summer Camps and Outings

Relevant information relating to the hosting of holiday camps during the summer months and the insurance implications (if any) that this may have for a service.

Summer Camps and Outings


Outings are automatically covered by your insurance policy, provided you adhere to the Preschool Regulations, other relevant legislation, best practice and minimum of 2 supervising adults. There is no need to contact Early Childhood Ireland beforehand.


Summer Camps

For queries on summercamp insurance contact Kidd Insurances at 01 2079400.


Insurance Queries

If you have any other queries about your insurance that are not addressed above, you are welcome to email for further assistance.


Tips for trips and outings

  • Use this opportunity to plan ahead with your group of children. Ask the children to plan what they think they need to bring and what might happen when they get there. Document the process using learning stories and on your return you can add in photos, art and comments made by the children.
  • Invite and encourage parents to take an active part in the planning, preparation and undertaking of outings. You will need written permission slips from parents for the children.
  • Bring healthy snacks and plenty of water to drink, all that running around is thirsty work!
  • A first aid kit is a must for any scraped hands or knees.
  • Make sure at least one adult has been trained in first aid.
  • Be prepared for rain – we do live in Ireland after all – but bring the sun cream and hats just in case!
  • Plan toilet stops.
  • Try setting off early to get a good run of the day – these things can take longer than you think.
  • Do lots of head counts throughout the day.


Outings Policy

Early Childhood Ireland has outlined some of the issues you will need to consider when drafting an Outings Policy.

One of the frequently asked questions we hear is in relation to outing is the following:

Question   Do parents require garda vetting for outings? Can parents be considered in the adult child ratio`s for outings?
Answer   Parents do not require garda vetting for outings, and should not have unsupervised access to other people’s children. In relation to outings the preschool regulations apply, all adult child ratio`s must be maintained eg 10 -1 ratio for sessional groups. Parents are acceptable to be included in the increased adult /child ratio`s required for insurance. But the minimum ratios as outlined in the regulations must be maintained by paid staff. Parents cannot have unsupervised access to other people’s children.

When considering trips and outings for an older group remember:

  1. Invite children to plan the excursion including timetables and route.
  2. Provide children with the opportunity to take public transport on these excursions and to practice the skills for using it, including handling  their own money, purchasing tickets, pressing the stop button to alert the driver, standing up for older people etc.
  3. Encourage the children to take the lead.

Don’t forget to contact local businesses such as the local bakery, coffee shop, restaurant etc.  to visit.

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