“Going to Preschool” Leaflet

We have developed two leaflets entitled “Going to Pre-school” and “Going to Big School” specifically designed to support parents as they prepare their child for transitions in the early years.

“Going to Preschool” Leaflet

Change is the only constant in life and learning to manage change successfully begins in early childhood. From a very young age children are required to make transitions; from cot to bed, from liquid to solid food, from crawling to walking. Each of these changes and transitions can cause uncertainty, moments when your child moves from the security of the home routine and the people he/she knows to the unknown ways of a new environment and many new faces.

Naturally, change provides an emotional challenge for the child, ‘who will mind me when daddy/mammy is gone’, ‘where do I fit in here?’ As parents and childcare professionals we have a key role to play in helping young children develop positive attitudes to change and this leaflet is designed to support all concerned on those first steps to preschool.


You are welcome to download and print copies of the “Going to Preschool” Leaflet.


This leaflet is also available as Gaeilge: Ag Ullmhú do Linbh don Naíonra



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