“Going to Primary School” Leaflet

We have developed two leaflets entitled “Going to Pre-school” and “Going to Big School” specifically designed to support parents as they prepare their child for transitions in the early years.

“Going to Primary School” Leaflet

Every year thousands of children move from preschool to primary school. Preschool starts preparing children for the “Big School” transition from early on. Many children find starting primary school exciting and have little trouble with the changes that it brings, while others can find this time stressful.

It’s a time of great excitement and new beginnings for the child and their parents, saying goodbye to preschool, meeting new teachers and making new friends.For children the primary school buildings are bigger with more rooms, more children, more adults and more rules.

Those first days at school can be an anxious time for parents who wonder, will she manage on her own, will he make friends, will he be able to sit and listen, will she be able for the school yard. Often it’s the parent who gets a bit overwhelmed and has to hold back the tears as their child takes this next step on life’s journey.


>>You are welcome to download and print copies of the Going To Primary School Leaflet.

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