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Toward an idea of a Child – Aldo Fortunati

October 3, 2016

Toward an idea of a rich child,

at the crossroads of possible worlds,

that lie in the present

and transforms the present into future.


Toward an idea of an active child,

guided in her experience

By an extraordinary curiosity

full of desire and delight.


Toward an idea of a strong child,

who rejects having an identity

interchangeable with that of the adult

offering it, instead, to games of cooperation.


Toward an idea of a sociable child,

able to encounter and compare ideas

together with other children

to construct new points of view and knowledge.


Toward an idea of a competent child,

artisan of his own experience

and his own knowledge

alongside and together with the adult.


Toward an idea of a curious child,

who learns to know and understand

not because she gives up but because she never stops

being open to the sense of wonder and amazement.       


Aldo Fortunati

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