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Support Point Update 21st Nov 2017

Support Point Update September 12th

September 12, 2017

HR Topic of the Week:

Managing AIM Funding

We had a call from a member who received Level 7 funding through the AIM Programme.  We discussed the implications of contracting a staff member for the funding.  In this particular case it was possible to fund additional hours for an existing staff member.  However, if you are in receipt of AIM funding you must be very specific that the additional hours are funding dependent and it may be necessary to amend the staff member’s contract, with their agreement, to reflect this. If you are contracting a new member of staff be sure to include all the conditions of the funding in a Specific Purpose Contract.  For more advice on job descriptions and employment contracts please see our website.


Support Point topic of the week:

CCSP Registration

We have had a number of calls from members regarding registering children for CCSP on PIP.  We are trying to build a picture of how members are managing the administration process.  If you have any concerns about the length of time it takes to register children or are having any issues registering children who are attending irregular hours we would like to hear from you. Please contact We will continue to monitor the situation and are bringing your concerns to Pobal.


Support Point Question of the week:

Fire Safety Policy

A phone call from a member this week reminded us of the importance of having your fire safety equipment serviced annually and ensuring that all staff are familiar with the fire safety procedures in your setting. This member was wondering whether all fire extinguishers should be replaced after ten years. We called the Duty Officer in Dublin Fire Brigade who advised us that according to the Irish Standards 2015 on the “Selection, commissioning, installation, inspection and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers” they do not need to be replaced every ten years. However, the CO2 Fire Extinguisher needs to be serviced annually and fully tested every ten years. Thanks to this member for the call and here are links to our Sample Policy on Fire Safety if you need to review your own policy. Also, the Guide to Fire Safety in Preschools is helpful for developing a fire safety policy.

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