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Support Point Update 26th Sep 2017

Support Point Update 16th May 2017

May 16, 2017

Support Point Topic of the Week:


How do I access AIM supports for a child for September 2017?

The Access Inclusion Model programme (AIM) is now accepting new applications for September, so you can apply early to ensure supports can be put in place in time for the start of a new ECCE term.
 If a parent has highlighted to you that their child may need extra support to participate in the ECCE scheme in September 2017, then contact the Early Years Specialist Service (Access and Inclusion) by phone (01-511 7222), e-mail ( or via the AIM online application form on the PIP portal at This form only needs to be completed once to access supports across levels 4, 5, 6 or 7.

For information purposes, a copy of the form can be accessed on the AIM website :



HR topic of the Week:


What holiday entitlements do employees have if they are on a 38 week fixed term employment contract?

Employees on fixed-term contracts have broadly similar rights to those on open-ended contracts i.e. employees with fixed-term contracts have the normal entitlement to annual leave (holidays), maternity leave, and wage slips. Staff members who work on a part-time basis (less than 117 hours per calendar month) are entitled to 8% of hours worked in the annual leave year.

So an employee who works 15 hours per week for 38 weeks – 15 x 38 = 570 x .08 = 45.6hours.
So if the average day worked is 3 hours – 45.6 divided by 3 = 15.2 days

Part-time work: Generally, the annual leave for part-time workers is calculated 8% of hours worked. If you work full time for some months and the rest of the year you work part time, you should calculate the leave for the full-time and the part-time periods of work separately.



Support Point Question of the Week:


Do early childhood services or after school services need to register as a Food Business?

 Yes all early childhood and after school settings that provide food such as a snack, need to register through their local HSE office-

They will send you out an application. There is also information on the FSAI website :

And we have information on our website with links to Food Safety training guides:



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