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Support Point Update 21st Nov 2017

Support Point Update 10th Oct 2017

October 10, 2017

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HR topic of the week:

HR Webinar Series 2017
We are delighted to bring you a webinar series in collaboration with Adare Human Resource Management, HR management specialists, focusing on the life cycle of the employee.

Established in 2003, Adare Human Resource Management are one of Ireland’s respected providers of Employment Law, Human Resource Management and Health and Safety Services.

The webinar series aims to provide Employers with detailed information in relation to Employment Law and best practice Human Resource Management. The webinars are an excellent resource, addressing different challenges that might arise for you as an employer in relation to Employment Law and Human Resource Management. The webinars include information on employment legislation relevant to the lifecycle of the employee, including the recruitment and induction of employees, contracts of employment, grievance and disciplinary procedures and termination of employment . Over the next four weeks we will highlight some of these webinars, bringing you information and advice on best practice in HR management.

This week we’d like to highlight two specific webinars, namely on best practice in the Recruitment and Selection process of staff members and on effective induction and probation management for organisations. Having strong processes in place can increase the likelihood of making the right decision when selecting new staff members who are the right fit with your service and decrease the likelihood of poor recruitment and selection processes being followed which can give rise to huge costs, wasted time, bad selection decisions and other challenges arising.

These webinars can be found here on the Adare website. The 5th video on the page is on best practice in Recruitment and Selection and the 4th webinar down on the page is on effective induction and probation management for organisations.

We would advise you to take some time to review these webinars or to bookmark them for the next time you are recruiting staff. We also have a template Recruitment Policy on our Policies and Procedures Guides page (Please note: Member login is required for this page) which may assist you develop one appropriate to your service. We are grateful to Adare Human Resource Management for sharing this series with our members.


Support Point topic of the week:

Safe Sleep:
Full day services must have a safe sleep policy in place and follow the safe sleep guidelines to ensure the safety of all babies and children who sleep while in their care. The Tusla focused inspection toolkit can be useful for providers to check if their sleep practices are sufficient.

The following document details safe sleep practices. Suggestions from this document includes:

  • Always place the baby on their back to sleep.
  • Place the baby with their feet to the foot of the cot.
  • Keep the cot free of soft objects and anything loose or fluffy.
  • Don’t wrap the baby in too many blankets. Sheets and cellular cotton blankets are best, as you can adjust the temperature by adding one or taking one away.
  • A sleeveless baby sleeping bag is a good alternative to blankets, but do not use any other bedding with it.
  • Do not use duvets, quilts or pillows.

Cots, sleeping mats and beds should be spaced at least 50 centimetres (half a meter) apart. Visual checks must be carried out every 10 minutes. Sleep logs must be maintained and must record the following information:

  • the temperature in the room
  • the position of the child
  • ensuring child’s head is uncovered
  • child’s breathing and colour
  • time of check and who completed the check.

For further information on safe sleep, please see the Tusla FAQ document on the regulations.


Support Point question of the week:

What documents do providers need to upload on to PIP for CCSP eligible parents?
Eligibility documents must provide evidence that the parent was in receipt of the allowance in the period within one month prior to the childcare start date up to and including the week of the childcare start date. In general, the document should meet the following criteria:

  • The document is dated (i.e. the date the document was produced)
  • The name and PPSN on the document matches the parent details on the child registration
  • The name of the allowance is stated
  • Confirmation is given that the parent was eligible for the allowance on a specific date or for an unbroken period between 2 dates.

Once the registration has been approved all personal documentation from the parent should be shredded. Please see the DCYA programme rules document and the How to Guide for CCSP eligibility.

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