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Spring Reading

March 25, 2015

The days are finally starting to get longer and as the weather becomes warmer and spring approaches it is a great opportunity build on children’s natural curiosity and to investigate the changes occurring all around them, with the arrival of the new season.  

From planting seeds and watching them grow, to observing the life cycle of a frog or young animal, spring is an opportune time for children to explore new life and growth.  As a support to these types of explorations we have reviewed 3 books below that you may like to use in your service, as they are set in springtime and looking forward to Easter.



Little Lamb to the Rescue

This book is a great little story for springtime. Even though Little Lamb is the smallest lamb on the farm she has the biggest heart! Even though she is small, Little Lamb comes to the Rescue, bringing you on a tour of the farm to meet her barnyard friends, and learn about friendship and teamwork! Beautiful illustrations add to the beauty of this book!

Little Lamb to the Rescue by Erica Briers , Stephanie Boey (illustrator) , 2003 Format: 22 page hardcover book ISBN: 1-58209-904-9




The Great Easter Egg Scramble

This really funny rhyming text is all about Easter Bunny who is in a muddle. Bunny has been so busy getting his party ready that he has forgotten to deliver eggs to his friends and that’s where the problems began! Easter Bunny’s muddle soon became clear when Mrs Duck hatched a baby croc and the Turtles hatched a penguin chick! Is he able to sort it out before it spoils his party?? A great read with great illustrations. This book will become a favourite in your preschool.

The Great Easter Egg Scramble by Timothy Knapman. 32 pages Hardcover ISBN-10: 0230713114; ISBN-13: 978-0230713116



Lamb says Boo

Little Lamb is so quiet she wouldn’t say boo to a goose – or maybe she would!  The other farmyard friends never include her in their noisy games because she is so quiet but she really wants to join in and be a part of the group.  She just needs to find out how she can stand out from the crowd and maybe Goose can help her to find her confidence and learn to stand up for herself.  All the children will love this story of Little Lambs bravery!

Lamb says Boo by Katherine Sully (Author), Gail Yerril (Illustrator).  24 pages Paperback, ISBN-10: 085726043X;   ISBN-13: 978-0857260437


The Zoo is offering a Spring Pre-School Programme which would make a perfect outing for any early childhood setting exploring these themes, as it aims to help young children make the connection between their food, the farm, their clothes and nature.




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