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Spring Pre-School Programme

March 18, 2015

The Play Approach to Learning


Early childhood is an important stage in children’s lives, when they find out about and make sense of their surroundings by interacting with others and their environment. The Dublin Zoo has introduced two new and exciting programmeswith the aim of helping young children make the connection between their food, the farm, their clothes and nature – a key to developing young minds.

This is an active and fun-filled course where activities take place in a practical, learning environment, both indoors and outdoors.  For further information your can download the brochures on these two programmes below:


Farm-Tastic Food  Winter Woollies
Farmtastic WinterWoolies

This programme introduces children, in an interactive way, to the link between farm and fork. 

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This interactive programme helps preschoolers to understand the connection between the farm and the clothes that we wear in our everyday lives.

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 Booking in advance is essential. For information & bookings call: (01) 4748932 or email:


Exclusive for Members of Early Childhood Ireland

Elephants Book

All Early Childhood Ireland members will get the following free Elephants Book for their service when they register for the programme:

Dublin Zoo Elephants

Most animals in children’s books are mildly crazy. A duck dressing up as a sailor, a bear whose sole purpose in life is to be cuddled and big-eared elephants capable of flying.

There is nothing wrong with fantasy or fun. However, we believe there is room for a book that shares with children how elephants really are and how they live. This book presents Dublin Zoo’s elephants: complex, sensitive, intelligent, sociable animals that deserve our understanding, respect and above all our protection.


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