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Síolta Showcase Dublin

November 19, 2015

The Síolta showcase series rolls on.  We hosted another 100 people in the Spa Hotel in Lucan at the Dublin Showcase on Saturday 14th November.  Key notes were delivered by Harold Hislop, Chief Inspector and Yvonne Keating, Deputy Chief Inspector – who responded to questions from the audience and showed a genuine interest in engaging with educators’ concerns and ideas. You can find their Powerpoint Presentation here.

Dr. Hislop said that he was extremely impressed by the enthusiasm and commitment in the sector and its openness to both learning and then the sharing of this learning. As usual, the Educators showcasing their work stole the day. Feedback was full of comments such as ‘I loved the stories from the Síolta validated settings, they were very inspiring’; ‘Went home with many new ideas and how I could implement them’; ‘I will stand back and look at my service and think about how I can make it even more child-led than it is’; ‘I feel I got a really good handle on what we mean by an emergent curriculum’; ‘I really got the sense that slowing down and giving time to appreciate the moment can bring more joy to working with children’; ‘The enthusiasm and confidence instilled by the Síolta programme is incredible! Everyone agrees it is challenging but worth all the hard work!’ 


As one participant left, she said ‘that was the best training day I’ve ever had’. When asked to explain why, she said that she witnessed what was happening in other settings and could really see the possibilities for her own practice.  She felt she was hearing it from people who were doing it, as opposed to outside experts.  So it was really meaningful for her.  She also said that she particularly enjoyed the conversation and appreciated the openness and honesty of the Síolta showcasers themselves, along with their willingness to help.  There was a real sense that they had discovered something they wanted to share.  The photographs capture the atmosphere of co-professional dialogue among the participants.


Once again, we are so impressed by the professionalism of this sector.  We are reminded yet again that these people deserve pay and conditions that acknowledges and shows respect the wonderful work that they do.  Early Childhood Ireland now has further evidence to advocate for this profession.

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