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Wash your hands with Rufus!

Rufus Handwashing Programme

September 23, 2019

Safefood, in partnership with Early Childhood Ireland, has launched the latest phase of their Rufus handwashing programme, which aims to make learning good handwashing habits fun, and help to keep E.coli at bay. Members will have received new handwashing packs by post. 

Good handwashing habits are essential to help protect children from nasty bacteria like E.coli, which can make children under five seriously ill. 

As you are aware, it is important that children wash their hands often throughout the day, and especially:

  • before eating
  • after using the toilet
  • after playing outside
  • after touching animals

The pack contains:

  • staff poster (x2) – to help remind everyone just how important this is
  • staff booklet (x4) – to explain how to get the most out of using the resources
  • reusable (waterproof) handwashing posters for your bathrooms and for parents to take home (x34) – as a prompt and learning tool for children
  • storybook (x1) – using fun illustrations and rhymes to teach children how and when to wash their hands.
  • stickers (x30) – to get children excited and reward them for good handwashing.

Safefood’s research indicated that 90% of childcare professionals are aware of the risks of E.coli. Using these resources will help maintain this high level of awareness among your staff and help them teach this important life skill. 

You can learn more and download additional activity sheets at

If you would like to request more packs, please contact Ken Pepper at


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