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Ros O Carroll from Kidd Insurances talks about Summer Schools and Outings

May 12, 2016

With summer holidays around the corner we’re all looking forward to more time out and in many cases members are preparing for upcoming camps during the school holidays.

Being a member of the Early Childhood Ireland group scheme means you enjoy automatic cover for your camps subject to complying with a few conditions that we have listed below. Don’t worry if your camp falls outside of these as we can always accommodate you. Just give us a call with the specific details and we can let you know if any terms and conditions apply or indeed if any extra premium arises.

  • Hours of camp should not exceed standard hours covered under your childcare policy.
  • All children must be registered with your service and have the appropriate registration forms completed.
  • Max number of children on premises must not exceed those noted in the policy schedule.
  • You must comply with current childcare regulations where they apply.

Outing away from the premises are also covered under your policy. Allianz, the insurers do not have specific requirements in respect of minder to child ratios other than stating you must be compliant with childcare regulations for the age group involved. You’re the professional in this area and Insurers are trusting that you will act in a way that is going to ensure the safety of the children in your care.

There are a couple of pointers that are worth bearing in mind when undertaking outings. These will help to ensure that the outings provided by you are a safe additional service and one that can be enjoyed by everyone.

 We would suggest that you have at least two adults accompanying the children at all times regardless of numbers. Note that staff at locations being visited by you may not be counted in these numbers.

We recommend that you carry out a simple risk assessment prior to the outing to identify any possible obstacles so as to prepare you for all eventualities. The majority of outings are fine however there are some exceptions and we do get queries in relation to activities that insurers do not want to cover due to their hazardous nature. If you are in any doubt about what we can and cannot cover, give us a call.

You do not need to tell us when you are going on an outing away from the premises. However, if you are going to have excess numbers on the day do let us know so we can note your file.

Please always remember that if you are carrying children that you care for, in your car, you must inform your Motor insurers. Your childcare policy does not cover any road traffic risk and it is really important that your motor insurers have been informed and know the purpose for which the vehicle is being used.

We hope this helps answer any queries you have and look forward to chatting with you in the coming weeks. Give me a call on 01-4057100 myself or  a member of the Early Childhood Ireland team will be happy to help. In the meantime, here is hoping we get plenty of great weather to enjoy over the summer months.





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