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Quality Regulatory Framework (QRF) access

October 30, 2018

In the last number of weeks, early years services received a copy of the ‘Quality and Regulatory Framework (QRF)’.

The Quality and Regulatory Framework is Tusla’s interpretation of the requirements for compliance with the Early Years Services Regulations (2016). These requirements are based on best evidence drawn from national and international sources of the peer-reviewed, published and unpublished literature on best practice in inspection and early years services.

Quality Regulatory Framework (QRF) access

Quality Regulatory Framework (QRF) access

Quality Regulatory Framework (QRF) access

Quality Regulatory Framework (QRF) access

There are 6 different types of Quality and Regulatory Framework’s to support each type of registered service:

1. Full Day Care Service and Part-Time Day Care Service


2. Sessional Pre-School Service
    Seirbhís Réamhscoile Sheisiúnach


3. Childminding


4. Pre- School Service in a Drop-In Centre


5. Overnight Pre-School Service (For a stand alone Overnight Service)


6. Overnight Pre-School Service

(Additional Regulatory Requirements for a Childminding Service, or a Full Day Care Service also providing an OvernightPre-School Service)


For more information on The Quality and Regulatory Framework, please click here


Tips for using the Quality and Regulatory Framework

  • Many early years services will use the online version of the Quality and Regulatory Framework. downloading it and saving it on your desktop will provide you with ease of access.
  • Looking for a term in the Quality and Regulatory Framework? Hold down on the ‘CTRL button’ and press the ‘F’ button too. In doing this, a search tab will appear and you will be able to search the term/word you need. Or, you can go to your toolbar and click on ‘Edit’ and select the ‘Find’ option from the drop down menu.
  • Throughout the QRF, there is blue text which is a hyperlink. If you are reading on screen, click on a hyperlink to bring you to further information on the topic in question. Or, it might bring you to a website if your device has access to the internet.
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