Resources Starter Pack – 1 Accident Book, 1 Attendance Record , Child’s Record (Pack of 11) and 1 Medication Record Book



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This pack is essential for all Early Years and School Age Care settings

Contains 1 Accident Book, 1 Attendance Record , Child’s Records (Pack of 11), and 1 Administration of Medication Record Book


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Resources  Starter Pack –  This pack is essential for all Early Years and School Age Care settings, whether its a new Childcare service or an existing one, this pack is for you.

Resources Starter Pack contents

(1) Accident / Incident book – This book is designed to support management and staff in the implementation of good practice in childcare services. It is advisable to record all accidents / incidents, no matter how trivial they may appear at the time.

Under the Early Years Services Regulations (2016), Early Learning and Care or School Aged Childcare services are required to record any accident, injury or incident involving a child attending the service (Regulation 16 Record in relation to a preschool service).

(2) Attendance Record – Records the attendance of children in the service and attendance and meal breaks of staff.

  • Attendance Record / Children and Staff covers 52 weeks
  • Space for 24 entries
  • Assist in compliance with the Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016

(3) Child’s Record  ( Pack of 11 ) – records all details of the child attending the service, including:

  • personal details,
  • authorisation to collect details,
  • emergency contact details,
  • medical information (including immunisations received),
  • getting to know your child,
  • consent for sun cream,
  • emergency medical treatment and temperature reducing medication consent

(4) Administration of Medication Record book– Records administration of medication consent, record of medication given and outcome record.

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