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Panodyne Hand Sanitiser Gel

When soap and running water are not readily available, an alcohol based hand rub/gel may be used (the alcohol content should be at least 60%). The alcohol based hand rub must be applied vigorously over all hand surfaces.

Alcohol based hand rubs are only effective if hands are not visibly dirty.

It is safe to let children use alcohol based hand rubs/gels but it is important to let children know that it should not be swallowed. Supervision is vital. It is also important to store it safely so children cannot get access to it without an adult.

The alcohol content of the product generally evaporates in 15 seconds so after the alcohol evaporates it is safe for children to touch their mouth or eyes.

Be aware of children with allergies/sensitive skin who may not be able to use alcohol based hand rub.


Apply the required volume of the product to the palm of one hand and rub the hands together. The amount of gel used should be sufficient to keep the hands wet for at least 15 seconds.

Ensure all surfaces of the hands and fingers are covered with the gel and keep rubbing until the hands are dry. Avoid touching the area around a child’s eyes just after using an alcohol gel as the child may experience a stinging sensation.

  • 500ml Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Gel
  • Eliminates Bacteria on the Skin
  • Kills germs and odours without water
  • Dermatological Tested
  • 15 Second Touch Time (Hand will be completely dry of the gel in 15 seconds)
  • 70% Ethanol Alcohol Content

Approved by the Department of Agriculture. PCS No. 100357.

Sanitiser kills more than 99.99% of bacteria, germs and viruses. Easy to use and dries quickly. Provides better skin tolerance and microbial killing strength when compared to antiseptic soap. A viable alternative to hand washing, especially where there is no water or use of water may not be appropriate.

Alcohol based hand rubs/gels are not a substitute for handwashing with soap and running water.

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