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OWLET: Lullabies of the World board book is an original children’s board book, lovingly designed for children under 2 years of age.

This book was inspired by a desire to foster an appreciation for linguistic diversity and cultural richness, promoting curiosity and understanding among young children.

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About the OWLET: Lullabies of the World Project

Early Childhood Ireland’s OWLET: Lullabies of the World board book is an original children’s board book. It has been lovingly designed for children under 2 as part of the OWLET: Lullabies of the World project. The project is aimed at supporting babies and young children to practice language, develop their own positive identity, and develop an understanding of others. It is inspired by our experience of teaching and caring for young children from diverse backgrounds and our commitment to building a more inclusive, supportive, and safe environment for all children in Ireland. There are three aspects of this project, 10 lullabies in different languages, a board book and e-learning resource. 

Check out the playlist here.

About the board book

Drawing on the magic created through the lullabies, each of the 10 songs is uniquely represented through illustrations in this beautifully-designed children’s board book. Early Childhood Ireland wants educators and children alike to see and experience their culture being celebrated.

Each page brings to life a visual image of 10 special lullabies representing the languages of Irish, Setswana, Hindi, Romanian, Creole, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.

This board book is a great resource for young children to investigate independently as they turn the pages and explore the imagery whilst listening to the lullabies.

Allow the child to describe the story they imagine from the book and music. They will tell you all about the magic…

Using this book with children over 2

For older children, you can invite them to be the storyteller:

  • describing what they can see on each page,
  • who the people might be,
  • what type of animals are there, the background, the colours, etc.

Illustrations by Shelbi South and printed by Drukarnia Grafkarton.

This project also includes an e-learning resource to support educators in exploring the OWLET project.

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