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Owl Music – an album by Martin Brunsden and Nico Brown
This is an album of instrumental music – full of crystal clear sounds, seascapes and the rustling of the wind.  It’s a contrast to their previous rousing song album ‘Out of the Ark’ available from the Ark Theatre http://ark.ie/shop/out-of-the-door-of-the-ark . Owl Music is described as night time music because it is gentle, calming and dreamy – like a lullaby.  All the instruments are there – double bass, piano, harp, concertina, guitar, shruti and sansula (never heard of them). However it’s not just for night time – it can be used at any time of the day to calm, to encourage listening, and just to introduce children to music. Listeners have found it good background music when children are focussed on making things, or to draw and paint to – or indeed to encourage children to imagine stories that go with it. Nico Brown and Martin Brunsden are the musicians. Martin was the artist involved in the ECI/Kids Own Lullaby project with babies so we know how magical he is. You can listen to a taster here http://www.killruddery.com/nicoandmartin-launch-owl-music-album-night-time/.

Dimensions: 14cm x 14 cm x 0.01cm

Weight: 0.040 kg

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 0.01 × 14 × 14 cm
Music and Toys

Music and Toys

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