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New “Melissa & Doug” Products Available in our Shop

November 21, 2014

Melissa and Doug“Melissa & Doug” is an American toy manufacturer that specializes in wooden and high-end educational children’s toys.  The company was founded by Melissa and Doug Bernstein in their basement in 1988 and it is still going strong today. 

We are delighted to be able to offer the following Melissa & Doug products, at a discounted rate for Early Childhood Ireland members, in our online shop:



The Doll Family

Melissa and Doug Doll family

Children may have difficulty articulating feelings about a family situation such as a new baby, a divorce, or grandparents moving in. This set, with grandparents, mother, father, daughter son and baby, helps us act out our perceptions of family life and major events, opening the door to discussing a variety of family situations.




Melissa and Doug band in a box

Everything you need for your very own marching band is included in this child friendly musical instrument set. Various instruments provide a wide range of sounds, exposing children to different tones, volume, and rhythm.
For children who might be sensitive to volume, use repeated gradual exposure to increase tolerance for loud noises. Also a great way to prepare children for an upcoming school concert or their first music class.



Melissa and Doug Puppet Theater front image




Deluxe Puppet Theatre

Children of all ages respond to puppets in a magical way. This sturdy wooden puppet theatre is the perfect stage for performance and it helps to explore any topic in a light-hearted, non-threatening way. Using puppets is an effective way to get your message across to children, such as how to be kind to others, the importance of doing good deeds, what to do if someone is bullying you, and much more.










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