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NEW Jobs Board

June 13, 2017

Recently the Jobs Board section of the website was updated to provide both employers and job seekers with additional features.  Following on from the findings of our staffing survey these changes are intended to assist employers in recruiting and retaining high quality staff and to enable job seekers to monitor the types of employment becoming available.

The full range of changes that have been made are listed below:


For Employers

As was previously the case, the employers’ section of the Jobs Board is only open to members of Early Childhood Ireland.  To access the employers’ features of the page it is necessary to login using a membership number and password.

Advertising a Job

On the main Jobs Board page there is a paragraph of text below the first heading which contains an orange link at the end, advising members to “Click here to advertise a job with us.” (as shown in the image above)

This link leads to a form where an employer can then fill in all of the details of the job they are advertising.  There is then an opportunity to preview the job and finally to submit it, making it immediately live on the main page.


Viewing Advertised Jobs

An employer can now access all of the jobs they have advertised on the Jobs Board, whether they are live or have expired.  This can be done through the employer’s profile link which is located in the top right hand corner of the page, just below the black bar (the profile menu is extended in the image above).  Clicking on the “My Jobs” link in this menu will call up a history of all the jobs they have advertised on the page, as per the image below:

From this My Jobs page it is possible to:

  • edit existing jobs
  • delete records of advertised jobs
  • duplicate previously advertised jobs 
  • view individual applications


Viewing Individual Applications

Every time someone applies for a job, the employer will receive an email notification, containing the applicant’s cover letter and a link to their CV.  The applicants details can also be accessed through the My Jobs page above.  Next to each job there is a link to the number of applications that have been made and clicking on this number will call up the full list of applicants.  From this link it is then possible to view the details of individual applications:

In the individual application pages employers can download CVs, access the applicant’s contact details and rate them using a star scoring system (this information will remain private and accessible only to the employer.


Recruitment and Best Practice

One of the other facilities available to members is the “Recruitment Advice and Best Practice” page. This section provides answers to a range of questions that an employer may have when advertising a job to secure the highest quality applicants.


For Job Seekers 

The Jobs Board is available to all job seekers, whether they are members or not. 


Creating a Job Alert

Job seekers can now create a job alert (as per the image above), so that they receive an email every time a job is uploaded matching their specific search criteria.  These alerts can be tailored to match keywords, locations and contract types. 

To create a job alert the job seeker will need to set up an account on the website, unless they are already a member of ECI, in which case they can use their existing login details.

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