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OWLET: Lullabies of the World


In 2023 and 2024, Early Childhood Ireland partnered with Mother Tongues as a follow on to Our World of Languages (OWL) Project to create OWLET: Lullabies of the World.

OWLET: Lullabies of the World is a project inspired by our experience of teaching and caring for young children who could speak many languages.

Our desire is to foster an appreciation for linguistic diversity and cultural richness, by promoting curiosity and understanding among young children. Children aged 1 to 2 years old have the capacity to practice language, develop their own positive identity and develop an understanding of others. The age-appropriate, play and arts-based approach of this project provides a nurturing and stimulating environment for children to explore their world, fostering their sense of self and emotional wellbeing.

The lullabies in this project represent the languages of Brazilian Portuguese, Creole, Hindi, Irish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Setswana and Spanish.


This project encompasses:

1. Audio recordings of 10 different lullabies

We have carefully curated a playlist of 10 a cappella lullabies representing the many languages of the world. Many of these lullabies are drawn from folklore or passed down from one generation to the next, lulling children and adults into a peaceful and relaxed state. These will be available to all soon.


2. An illustrated children’s book

Drawing on the magic and serene atmosphere created by the songs, each of the 10 lullabies is uniquely represented in this beautifully illustrated book, with subtle references to each culture, so educators and children alike can see and feel their culture being celebrated. A copy of this book will be issued to members of Early Childhood Ireland which care for children aged under 2.


3. An educator e-resource

An online, interactive resource designed specifically for educators who would like to further explore how lullabies can be integrated into their child’s and services daily routine to promote a better quality of sleep, support their emotional regulation and reduce stress, cognitive development and a support strong sense of identity and belonging. This will be accessible for Early Childhood Ireland members to view on The Pedagogy Hub within our Learning Hub.


OWLET: Lullabies of the World will be launching in April 2024.


Early Childhood Ireland and Mother Tongues are proud to be supported by the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal in association with Community Foundation Ireland.