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Inductions for New Staff

March 23, 2015

Taking the time to plan out a thorough staff induction policy and procedure will not only help the new staff member to integrate into their new work environment but also help prevent HR issues down the line. Induction does not need a specific time line, it should be tailored to the needs of your setting and the needs of any new staff.



What is Induction?

New staff members need time to familiarise themselves with their new surroundings, working practices as well as getting to know their new colleagues. Induction is like an introduction to how the setting operates and should cover the different working areas for example general operation, human resources, setting ethos and curriculum etc. By giving staff the information and time when they begin their employment, you are giving them the opportunity to perform at their best and become one of the team.

Induction will begin from the employee’s start date and perhaps end when the staff member has completed his or her probation period. Most of the general working information will be covered within the first week or so however a staff member will need more time to the get to know the curriculum or how the setting supports the children and families.  This will then give you the time to gather a good overall view of the new employee and how they fit into your service. By taking the steps below you will be giving your staff a supportive start to their new employment.


How to Develop an Induction Process?

  • Think about all the things someone in your settings needs to know, big and small. Sometimes it’s the small things that can really support a new staff member like how to use the photocopier or how the team take their lunch breaks

  • Allocate your staff with different roles throughout the induction process so it doesn’t all fall on you

  • Develop your own induction policy and procedure, it’s a good idea to consult with your team as they have been through the process before and will have great ideas to share

  • Think about developing an induction checklist that is signed off on once each item is complete

  • Support and supervision can complement your induction process. Support and supervision is an ideal time to check in with the new staff member and manage any red flags before they become bigger issues

  • Remember to keep records of both your induction and support and supervision with staff


Sample Induction Policy and Checklist

Please click on the link below for a sample Induction Policy and an Induction checklist which you might find useful:

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