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February 25, 2013

Garden Project – Sowing Mixed Salad Leaves

Cut ’n’ Come again salad leaves are a great growing project for children and could be just the remedy for reluctant little salad lovers.  Seeds are fast to germinate and can be sown right through the summer and the leaves respond well to continual grazing as they will comeback in a couple of weeks and allow the children to nibble them all again!

1. Select a small piece of ground , a grow bag or large container ( buy it or recycle it and be creative and remember the brighter the container the better for children). Buy a packet of mixed cut and come again salad leaves.

2. Fill your container with soil or compost and water well before sowing seeds.

3. Once the water has drained, let the children sprinkle the seeds shallowly over the soil’s surface and then cover them with a fine layer of compost. Leave the pot in a warm sunny spot that isn’t exposed to harsh prevailing winds.

4. Keep your salad pot adequately watered and in a well-lit spot and your seeds should soon germinate. Within a few weeks, a harvestable crop of salad leaves is ready. It’s great to encourage children to nibble straight from the pot and prompt them to include freshly picked leaves in a sandwich. If you sow a few seeds every two weeks, you should have a continual supply of nutritious salads.”





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