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Garda Vetting update 25 May 2021

Garda Vetting update 4 May 2021

May 4, 2021

Garda Vetting Processing Time

Please note that the processing time for Garda Vetting applications, from the time the link from the National Vetting Bureau has been completed, is five to ten working days. Please ensure you post in your Garda Vetting applications in plenty of time. It is illegal for any person who does relevant work, to start work in Early Learning and Care or School Age setting until their Garda Vetting has been completed.

Re-Vetting – Renewing your Garda Vetting every 3 years

The Early Years Quality and Regulatory Framework and best practice recommend that you have your employees re-vetted every three years. The re-vetting process is the same as the Garda vetting process and is a free service for all ECI members.

Board Members

At present, the Garda National Vetting Bureau are not accepting vetting applications for members of the board of directors and certain ancillary staff, as these positions are not considered relevant work and therefore are not compliant under the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012.

Where a member of the board of management or an ancillary staff member has regular access to and contact with children, a Garda vetting application should be made with a clear description of the job duties which involve regular access and contact with children. We have updated our Identification Verification form to reflect this and have left space for you to fill in the additional details about the work duties a person performs.

For more information on this please click here


What is a GNVB Affiliate Registration Number?

The GNVB number is part of the process to confirm good governance and compliance with the National Vetting Bureau (Children & Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012-2016 to ensure that only persons conducting relevant work or activities with children or vulnerable adults are legally vetted under the Act. Every individual childcare setting will need its own unique GNVB Affiliate Registration Number.

New members will need to have this number before they can apply for Garda vetting through Early Childhood Ireland. All members will need this number in the future and are welcome to start the process now.

If you already have your GNVB Affiliate Registration Number letter, please email a copy of both pages (front and back) of the letter to so that we can register your setting on the National Vetting Bureau Garda Vetting portal.

How do I apply for a GNVB Affiliate Registration Number?

1.Email the Garda vetting bureau at requesting a GNVB Affiliate Registration Number giving the following information:

  • Early Childhood Ireland Membership Number
  • Name and address of your early learning or school age setting – this must be the setting address (not home or company address) affiliated with ECI membership number (or the process will have to start again)
  • Main contact person
  • The nature of your business e.g. Early Learning and Care setting or School Age Childcare setting

*Multiple Settings – This process must be completed for each individual membership number as each setting is required to have its own GNVB Affiliate Registration Number.

2.The Garda Vetting Bureau will then email/post you an application form which you fill in and return by post to them. Once you have sent them the completed form, they will then issue you with your GNVB Affiliate Registration Number.

3.When you receive your GNVB Affiliate Registration Number please email a copy of the GNVB letter (both pages) confirming your GNVB number to

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