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Garda Vetting update 4 May 2021

Garda Vetting Update 18 February 2020

February 17, 2020


Section 20 of the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012-2016 outlines the process for re-vetting. This does not outline how often Garda vetting should be done yet, but The Early Years Quality and Regulatory Framework and best practice recommend that you have your employees re-vetted every three years.

The re-vetting process is the same as the Garda vetting process and is a free service for all Early Childhood Ireland members.

The requirement for re-vetting should also be outlined in your Garda Vetting Policy.



  • Please make a note or set a reminder in your electronic calendar when each employee requires re-vetting.
  • Re-vetting an employee is the exact same process as their original vetting and the same forms should be used but the ID documents must be up to date. The application will also take the same length of time to process.
  • Please make sure the Garda vetting forms are legible and correctly filled out.
  • Please recheck identification of the employee especially proof of address.
  • Do remember to check with employees that they receive the link from the NVB within a couple of days of sending us the forms.



  • Don’t make it a policy to have all your employees vetted each year regardless of the date of their original Garda vetting disclosure, only re-vet them as required, every three years.
  • Don’t forget to destroy the previous ID documents in line with your destruction procedure in your GDPR policy and keep only the most up to date proof of ID on file.


For more information on Garda vetting, please click here.

As always you can contact us on 01 405 7102 if you require any clarification or assistance.

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