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Garda Vetting Applications and Re-vetting applications are being processed by post and email.

Garda Vetting Update 1 October 2019

October 2, 2019

Garda vetting and Re-Registration

Under the TUSLA FAQ the following people need to be Garda vetted:

Q11. Who requires Garda/Police vetting?

  • The applicant (the registered provider)
  • Person in charge (if different to the registered provider) 
  • Each member of the Board of Management (see ECI notes on this below)
  • Each director of the Board of Directors (see ECI notes on this below)


Note: ‘On initial inspection following registration of the service when children are present the registered provider is required to ensure that all other employees, unpaid workers and contractors have been Garda vetted and police vetted (if required) as part of the assessment of a person’s suitability and competency to work in the service with children .’

As noted above and in the recent Tusla newsletter, Tusla recommend that the registered provider should satisfy themselves that their service is well managed and running properly and suggest that as part of their duties they should visit the service during working hours. These duties can be listed on the new Early Childhood Ireland Identification Verification form.

Only people whose work involves necessary and/or regular access to, or contact with, children or vulnerable persons, should be Garda vetted under the National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012. If you are unsure whether the job is relevant, or it is not made clear by the job title that they have regular and direct contact with children, then please fill out the duties of the role and how these relate to working with children.

Tusla also mention in their August and September newsletter’s, that members of the Board of Management who aren’t in direct contact with children, cannot be garda vetted under the requirements from the National Vetting Bureau Act. Tusla therefore request that there are references of suitability are submitted for these members.


Do I need to have my Board Members Garda vetted?

Garda vetting frequently asked questions– Board Members

What is Relevant Work Activity?

Garda vetting- frequently asked questions- Relevant work activity

Tracking an application:

Once the applicant has submitted their information to the National Vetting Bureau, they can then track their Garda Vetting application by entering their application ID (the long number starting with ECI001………) and their date of birth, on the Garda vetting web-page.

The Owner/Manager of the service also receives this information at the bottom of the email notification they receive, so they can also track the application. Make sure there are no spaces put in before or after the application ID number as it may not work


Garda vetting for new employees

In order to avoid overloading the Garda vetting system please only apply for Garda vetting for the successful candidate who will be working in the early childhood setting.

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