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April 1, 2020

GNVB Affiliate Registration Number

As of the 1 January 2020 all new Early Childhood Ireland members that apply for Garda vetting, must have a GNVB Affiliate Registration Number issued by the GNVB (Garda National Vetting Bureau).

The reason for this process is to confirm good governance and compliance with the National Vetting Bureau (Children & Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012-2016 to ensure that only persons conducting relevant work or activities with children or vulnerable adults are legally vetted under the Act. New members will need to have this number before they can apply for Garda vetting through Early Childhood Ireland.

We would encourage all our members who are service providers to start the process now also, as you will need this number in the near future. Every early childhood setting and afterschool provider will need their own unique GNVB number.

How do I apply for a GNVB Affiliate Registration Number?

     1. Please email the Garda vetting bureau at requesting a  GNVB Affiliate Registration Number and giving the following information:

  • Name and business address of your organisation
  • Contact person within the organisation
  • Early Childhood Ireland membership number
  • The nature of your business e.g. early childhood service; afterschool setting

*Multiple Services – This process must be completed for each individual membership number as each service needs their own unique GNVB Affiliate Registration Number.

  1. The Garda Vetting Bureau will then post you an application form which you fill in and return to them.
  1. Once you have sent them the completed form, they will then issue you with your GNVB Affiliate Registration Number by posted letter. This could take up to 2 weeks.
  1. When you receive your GNVB Affiliate Registration Number please email us with this number at or phone 01 405 7102.
  1. Once you have emailed or phoned us with your GNVB Affiliate Registration Number you can proceed with the Garda vetting process.
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