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Garda Vetting FAQs - 28 August 2018

Garda Vetting FAQs

August 21, 2018

Q1. What is a disclosure?

A disclosure is a completed Garda vetting application. Some people are alarmed when they hear the word ‘disclosure’ but it is simply the terminology used by the National Vetting Bureau, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is anything to disclose!

‘A vetting disclosure shall include particulars of the criminal record (if any) relating to the person, and a statement of the specified information (if any) relating to the person or a statement that there is no criminal record or specified information, in relation to the person.’ Read more >>

The Garda vetting disclosure that is sent regarding an applicant, is in both Irish and English.




Q2. How many forms do I need to Garda Vet one person?

You need 2 forms for each person (unless they are under 18):

The Owner/ Manager of the early childhood service downloads 1. an Identification Verification form and 2. a Vetting Invitation Form for each applicant (prospective employee).

1. Identification Verification form – The Owner/Manager asks the prospective employee to show their photographic identification and proof of current address. The Owner/Manager then writes these onto the Identification Verification form in the requested space
– 1. Type of Photo Id verified and
– 2. Proof of current address.
The form can be completed online, before printing it off to sign it, date it and tick the verification box.

2. Vetting Invitation form – The Owner / Manager asks the prospective employee to complete the Vetting Invitation form. This can be done on computer in the fillable pdf form, before printing it out, then signing, dating and ticking the consent box.


The completed Identification Verification form and Vetting Invitation form for each applicant are sent in the post by the Owner Manager to :
Early Childhood Ireland, Hainault House, Belgard Square South, Tallaght, Dublin 24RFV0


If the applicant is under 18
Parents or guardians of 16-18 year olds are required to complete the Parent Guardian Consent Form

The parent or guardian must supply their own email address and phone number on the Vetting Invitation NVB1 Form and not the child’s email address. The Under 18 Vetting Invitation Form makes this clear.

A person under 16 years of age cannot be Garda Vetted.




Q3. Do I need to have my Board Members Garda Vetted?

Yes, Community Members must have their Board Members and the Directors of the Board Garda Vetted , under the Childcare Regulations 2016 PART II.

Garda Vetting disclosure is not confined to those working directly with children. Members of Boards of Management and Board of Directors are in a position of power and authority and within their powers of authority may have access to or contact with children in the early years settings.

The Board of Management are required to be Garda & Police vetted and have 2 references available, even if they do not work directly with children.



For more frequently asked questions, please visit our Garda Vetting FAQs page 


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