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Garda Vetting update 4 May 2021

Garda Vetting Update 03 March 2020

March 3, 2020

Garda Vetting Errors and Delays – Please take your time and use PDF form if possible

PDF Forms

In 2019 we processed 32,619 Garda vetting applications which kept us very busy! However, over 6% of these applications were resent or re-entered due to errors filling in the form or legibility issues. This delays the Garda vetting process for the applicant and increases the turnaround time.

To try and minimise errors we have PDF forms available for applicants to fill in for Garda vetting.

These forms can be filled out online but the signatures must be filled in AFTER the form has been printed out as we need to have original signatures – online signatures and photocopied/emailed forms cannot be accepted. Remember to tick the small consent boxes and put in the correct date.

1)the NVB1 Vetting Invitation form

2) Identification Verification form

The identification verification form requires the owner / manager to write down the type of photographic identification, and the type of proof of address they have on file for the applicant. There is a list of the acceptable documents on the back of the Identification Verification form.
Please ensure the role to be vetted is a Relevant Work Activity.

An owner/manager cannot sign their own Identification Verification form- this must be signed by an assistant manager/board member etc or alternatively they can send us in a copy of their photographic and address identification.

Please check that the applicant has correctly filled in their Vetting Invitation form and that it is legible (if handwritten), and then post these two forms into us at :

Early Childhood Ireland,
Garda Vetting,
Hainault House,
Belgard Square South,
D24 RFV0

Owner Manager Responsibilities

Once you have sent the two Garda vetting forms into us for an applicant, you should then receive an email from Early Childhood Ireland, stating that the applicant has been sent a link from the National Vetting Bureau (NVB).

At this point it is recommended that you contact the potential employee to see if they have received the link from the NVB. If they have not received the link, check their email address and then contact us to check the correct email address is in the system. If it needs amending, we can then change this and another link will be resent to the applicant.

For any queries on Garda vetting please see Garda vetting page on our website or phone us on 01 405 7102.

Tracking an application

Once the applicant has submitted their information to the National Vetting Bureau, they can then track their Garda vetting application by entering their application ID (the long number starting with ECI001-2………) and their date of birth, on the  An Garda Síochána webpage.

The Owner/Manager of the service also receives this information at the bottom of the email notification they receive, so they can also track the application. Make sure there are no spaces put in before or after the application ID number as it may not work.

Troubleshooting for applicants

  • If the NVB1 Vetting Invitation form is not letting you fill it in online, then try a different internet browser – ie google chrome. Remember to print it out and sign it as we need original signatures and cannot accept digital signatures.
  • When you are sent the link from the Garda Vetting Bureau ideally you should fill out the online process on a desktop computer (not on your phone).
  • If you are using an Apple product and are having difficulty please open the email through the Google Chrome browser.
  • When you are sent the link from the National Garda Vetting Bureau you may need to type in your email address and date of birth – instead of letting it self-populate (automatically do it).

For assistance in completing the e-vetting application form, please see here

For further information on the Garda vetting process, please see the National Vetting Bureau FAQ

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