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FAQ on the New Food Regulations for non pre-packed foods

November 21, 2014

Recently we posted information on our website relating to new food labelling legislation that was introduced by EU Law in relation to non pre-packed foods. 


According to this legislation, from 13th December all food businesses serving non-pre packed foods will have to list the potential allergens used in their food. 

We received a number of queries from members relating to this new legislation and we have listed the 3 most frequently asked questions below:



All the food we buy in is pre-packed e.g. packet cheese, bread etc. Do these new regulations apply to our service? 

Answer Yes. As you will not be serving the food in a pre-pack form straight from the packet you need to identify the potential allergens in each pre-pack food and inform the families in your service.

I am confused about exactly what information I need to share with the families in my service? How much detail do I need to give? 


When serving non pre-packed foods like a hot dinner you will need to identify the potential allergens in the ingredients. We have listed the 14 allergens you are required to share with your families.

Keep it as simple as possible. This means all your families will be easily able to understand the information you are giving them.

You need to list to allergens identified in the ingredients. For example if you serve cheese sandwiches you will need to list:

  • Cereals containing gluten

  • Milk and products thereof

You must share this information with your families each day in a clear accessible way. 


Our menus stay the same and don’t change very often do I need to give this information to my families every day?

Answer The regulations state that the information must be easily located and accessible as well as clearly identifiable. This means the service has a responsibility to ensure families are informed of the allergens in each meal or food served. It is good practice to out the information out on a notice board each day or week and ensure the information is correct. 



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