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Empowering Leadership Webinars

July 20, 2020

Dates: 29 July and 19 August

Time: 7 – 8pm


Join us for two live practical webinars with Empowerment Coach and Corporate Trainer, Fiona Buckley. Following on from Fiona’s webinar, Assertiveness with Empathy, delivered in June, please join us for two follow up topics on 29 July at 7 pm and 19 August at 7 pm. These webinars aim to empower, inspire, and motivate you by reflecting on your leadership approach, through leading and guiding people with empathy and understanding. 


Fiona Buckley is a corporate trainer, keynote speaker, thought leader and empowerment & executive coach in the areas of Leadership & Management Development, Work Behaviour, Personalities, Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Skills.


Webinar 1: Dealing with different personality types – Will equip you to deal with parent with staff and families.

This practical talk by Fiona Buckley examines how we can deal with different personality types. This programme will empower you to undertake a personal journey and gain a valuable insight into your own personality style and the personalities of others. This session will enable you to understand others and arm you with the knowledge and skills allowing you to deal with people more effectively on a day-to-day basis. You will learn your triggers  as to which people will you perceive as more difficult than others. You will emerge from this talk having a better understanding of your own personality and those of others.


Webinar 2: How to have powerful conversation – Will cover assertiveness, understanding, reactions and how you can deal with emotions.

This practical talk by Fiona Buckley examines how we can have more powerful conversations in our everyday interactions with people. This programme will empower you to undertake a personal journey and look at how we can communicate more effectively, use our listening and attending skills and use empathy in an authentic way. We will also examine assertiveness and how to deal with emotions.


We will end each session with a Q&A to give you an opportunity to ask Fiona questions and reflect.



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