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March 10, 2016

8,000 extra places under Community Childcare Subvention

The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Dr James Reilly, has announced the release of €16 million additional funding from Budget 2016 so that the Community Childcare Subvention (CCS) scheme, which subsidises childcare for certain low income parents, will be made more accessible by being available through Private Childcare Service Providers.  The extension to the scheme applies from Monday 7th March 2016 and is expected to fund around 8,000 additional childcare places.
Many of our members expressed concern about this scheme and Early Childhood Ireland brought these concerns to the attention of the DCYA. In light of this, the DCYA has provided us with the following information explaining how the differences and similarities between the current CCS scheme and the ‘CCS private’ scheme:

  • CCS (Private) is not based on a ‘snap-shot’ week but on a first come first serve basis subject to county quota and availability. Notice will be communicated on the PIP Portals when places are due to close to services in particular CCC areas once the quota is running low.
  • CCS (Private) eligibility is based on the parent being eligible as of the childcare start date (documentation with proof of eligibility will need to be included with the registration. The evidence can be dated back to one month before the childcare start date registered).
  • CCS (Private) registration approvals will run similarly to that of TEC Programme approvals i.e. there are no preliminary payments and payments will issue every two weeks once registration is approved. While we expect an initial surge of registrations to come through (which cause a bit of a delay) we do hope to process approvals as soon as possible after they are submitted.
  • CCS (Private) services cannot retain CCSP funding for a child if the child leaves the service before the original childcare end-date registered.

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