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Annual Conference 2019 - Masterclasses

Annual Conference 2019 – Masterclasses

February 1, 2019

Our National Conference Weekend 2019 takes place in


Join us for an inspiring selection of Masterclasses and Information Seminars.

Please see below the range of Masterclasses and Seminars that will be available to choose from on the day. The topics chosen for these Masterclasses and Seminars are closely aligned to the four goals of the First 5 Strategy. Each one is colour-coded to reflect the goal to which it is linked. As you can see, there is something of interest for everyone and you will have the opportunity to participate in two Masterclasses/ Seminars on the day.



Masterclass: Infant Mental Health and using the Marte Meo Approach, Eithne Beirne

Eithne Beirne is an accredited Marte Meo Therapist and Supervisor. She works as a Social Care Leader for TUSLA, Child & Family Agency in County Roscommon. As a member of a Social Work Team, Eithne delivers strengths-based child developmental support and guidance for parents, carers and children. Her practice is centred in the areas of Child Welfare, children in care, and child protection. Eithne has extensive experience in working with children in their early years. In conjunction with the Marte Meo Training Centre, Dublin, Eithne is engaged in the delivery of a variety of levels of training for practitioners and therapists in the Marte Meo method.

Replaying the Fleeting Moment: Marte Meo Video Interaction
The masterclass will provide participants with an overview of the Marte Meo video-based interaction method. The method is reflective in character; it involves the use of video to gather and then return concrete and practical information to parents, carers, teachers and professionals in support of the emotional, social and communication development of children and adolescents. One of the primary applications of this method is as a tool for early intervention; facilitating prevention and treatment in a social care context.

When we think of observing and responding to children’s initiatives, it can be easier to visualise the initiatives of older children, or children who have good verbal skills. But all babies, even very small babies, and children facing developmental challenges, move and look from the moment they arrive into the world. There is an innate drive to signal their needs. Parents, carers and practitioners can develop and strengthen their skillset in identifying and then nurturing these initiatives. The recognition of – and the response to – these signals are the essential resources that Marte Meo seeks to develop and strengthen.

The masterclass will share the experience of a professional practitioner using the method and will include examples of video material. The videos, shot in homes, in daycare and other situations, will be used to illustrate how the programme supports the parent/carer in nurturing and/or bridging gaps in a child’s development through daily communication moments.



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