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Announcing the launch of Early Childhood Ireland’s Learning Hub

Early Childhood Ireland’s Learning Hub

September 22, 2020

We are pleased to announce that we will soon launch Early Childhood Ireland’s Learning Hub – an eLearning platform which aims to empower and support our members and their educators to not only ensure compliance but also to build professional knowledge among existing staff. This online facility also provides an ideal opportunity to train new staff as part of their induction process.     

Many of you benefitted from Phase 1 of Early Childhood Ireland’s Learning Hub, by undertaking the COVID-19 Online Return to Work Training for All Employees. On October 5, we will launch Phase 2 of the programme, which will give members and employees access to a wide range of online training courses in areas of sector-specific compliance, computer skills and personal skills.

These include computer skills in areas like Cyber Security, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel.

In addition, there will be courses on leadership skills such as time management, problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, organisation, effective communication and emotional intelligence.

The value of completing the full range of training is over €850 per person. However, Early Childhood Ireland members and their staff will be able to avail of the majority of these courses free of charge. Please note that some programmes – such as manual handling, for example – will have practical components that incur fees. These will be flagged in advance of booking.

The eLearning platform is simple to use and will allow members to easily sign up their employees for courses of interest, track their progress in real time and keep records of certification upon successful completion of courses.

Early Childhood Ireland’s Learning Hub is proudly supported by Skillnet Ireland and we plan to add further sector-specific courses in the future.  

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