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A letter on behalf of our members to the HSE

December 16, 2013

Download a PDF version of the letter here.


Full text of our letter to Gordon Jeyes, the CEO Designate of the Child and Familiy Support Agency:


Gordon Jeyes

CEO Designate

Child and Family Support Agency
Parkgate Street
Dublin 8

December 16, 2013


Dear Mr Jeyes


I am writing on behalf of our 3400 members who operate Early Childhood Care and Education services across Ireland.

This year has seen enormous changes in our sector, with many more expected in 2014. Prime Time led to the development of a Quality Agenda for the Early Childhood Care and Education sector, the detail of which has been advocated for over many years by the Sector. We have long called for Registration, Online reports, Minimum training qualifications etc and therefore we welcome much of the Quality Agenda.

I am specifically contacting you now in relation to the introduction of Registration. Our members have been in continuous contact with us about Registration and are seriously frustrated at the lack of information available to them. While they have been informed that they will be automatically registered from January 1, they do not as yet know

  • when the new Standards will be launched and available for their consideration;
  • what Registration fees will apply;
  • what the Registration system will mean for stand-alone After School services or services with After school provision;
  • when the new inspection protocols will be introduced and will replace the existing protocols;
  • when the new Inspection tool will be available for consideration;
  • what the new system will mean for previously uninspected Montessori schools;
  • how the registration system will address the continuing delays in Garda Vetting which leads to non-compliance with regulations and is outside of the control of our members;
  • how the new Registration system will treat Community Employment staff in regard to compliance with ratios.


These are among, but not solely, the issues causing most concern for our members at this time. Most of our members will close their services next Friday for the Christmas holiday and will reopen on January 2 to this new Registration regime. The absence of information about these issues is unacceptable and is causing worry and concern and we would, therefore, appreciate clarification on the above points at your earliest convenience. We are happy to forward any available information to our members as soon as we receive it.


Yours sincerely,


Irene Gunning
Chief Executive Officer


Download a PDF version of the letter here.

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